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MESHLE flex FLOW Smart Bluetooth LED Controller is a control module for LED lights of various types. The output current of MESHLE flex FLOW can be reprogrammed flexibly, depending on the type of light source. Configuration and operation is done via MESHLE app, where you can set brightness, scenes, animations, timers, groups and many other features. No Wi-Fi, hub or other hardware is required. The controller is ready for use immediately after it has been connected. Each MESHLE flex controller automatically connects to another controller via Bluetooth, creating a Bluetooth mesh network. In this network, the controllers can be operated individually or in a group via smartphone.



Constant Current LED Driver

Professional light concepts

Fast and simple implementation thanks to Bluetooth Mesh and user-friendly app

MESHLE flex Pro is a powerful LED controller with built-in Bluetooth mesh technology. It allows networking and control of LED strip lights of different types.

Constant Current LED Driver

The output current of MESHLE flex FLOW can be flexibly reprogrammed via the dip switch

MESHLE App Dimming interface


Comfortable & User friendly

Depending on how MESHLE flex Pro controller is configured, the app interface adapts to the type of LED strips. All LED strips can be controlled individually or as a group.

How Bluetooth Mesh works

Devices with integrated Bluetooth LE chip and MESHLE firmware can be controlled directly via a smartphone or tablet. There is no need for an internet connection, central station, WLAN router or additional cabling. 

All MESHLE devices function independently and automatically create a network among each other. Several networks with devices can be created and individually secured with a password.

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